The Magic of Mindfulness: An 8-week Mindfulness Journey

An 8-week resonance-based and trauma informed programme to support your wellbeing. This course is self guided.

We're here to thrive, not just survive.
Make the decision to put your wellbeing at the top of your to-do list.

Are stress and overwhelm a normal part in your life?    
You start off fresh and excited, enthusiastic and determined but before long…

You begin to feel overwhelmed by day-to-day activities. 

Another meeting, another piece of paperwork, another demand on you and your time and your emotional bucket becomes emptier and emptier...

You start to resent people and feel disconnected from others.    

Your patience is wearing thin, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to see the blue sky for all the grey clouds of planning, the little things are becoming bigger and bigger 

You find yourself getting easily irritated with people.    

You're feeling exhausted, empty and unable to keep up with the pressures and demands of your day to day life.

There is a solution for supporting YOU,
helping YOU be there for YOU


The Magic of Mindfulness

An 8-week mindfulness journey to support your wellbeing.

  •  A weekly mindfulness tool proven to support emotional regulation
  •  Bringing relational neuroscience and resonance into the mindfulness space
  • Self-guided with new materials released weekly
  • Simple and practical tools to promote wellbeing and grow the neural pathways of gentle self-compassion and kindness  
  • Time to reflect and take stock within the support of community
  •  Reduce stress and increase focus
  •  Experience the healing power of resonance
  •  Let go of endlessly churning through repeated thoughts

Increase your neural pathways of

Support through community

Relax and Rejuvenate

The Magic of Mindfulness: An 8-week wellbeing challenge

Single participant pricing.  

Email me for multiple participant discounts for your team/school/friends.

Sign up and say goodbye to overwhelm, hello to inner resonance.


One-time fee, NZD incl GST

  • Weekly tools
  • At your own pace
  • Community support
  • Reduce stress
  • Healing through resonance

 “I wholeheartedly recommend working with Jean. Over the twelve months we worked together I consistently found Jean to be an open-hearted, skilled listener and coach, who always brought a calming, kind and supportive energy into the space. I think everyone would benefit from time with her.”

Dr Govinda Clayton
Senior Researcher in Peace Processes, ETH Zurich

“The sense of presence and depth that Jean brings to her work is exceptional and she appears to hold everything with great tenderness. In a world of distractions and busy minds, it is rare to find moments where someone feels really there with you the way that Jean is. Her real willingness to move towards depth and authenticity has been both grounding and inspiring in my life.”

Sabrin K
London, UK

“I cannot imagine what my life would be like without Jean's influence. I always felt completely at ease around her. There is a very peaceful realness about Jean that makes even her moments of silence powerful and gripping. In her presence, I experienced a strong urge to let my guards down and reveal myself to myself as well as her. There aren’t many places where we can practice being authentic. There is something about Jean that invites you and pulls you, with just the right amount of force, towards being more open, honest and free. That may not be an easy place to be in for everyone but if you would appreciate the guidance to truly explore and reconnect with yourself on a deeper level, in a completely safe, loving and compassionate environment, then I believe Jean will be the perfect fit for you.”

Teacher, Wales

"I always feel grounded and peaceful after working with Jean. She has an amazing way of listening to me and what I’m saying and I feel so accepted and understood. I’ve been able to uncover some big blocks and make significant changes in my life."

Assistant Head of Pastoral Care, Shangai

"Working with Jean feels really safe. She has helped me see the best in myself, the parts of myself that I couldn’t see before because of the way I was feeling about myself. She's deeply compassionate and caring and I’m really grateful to have found her."


  "Jean is an intuitive and compassionate coach. I always came away from my sessions feeling heard and respected. You can rest assured that Jean will hold space for you and assist you in exploring whatever is going on for you, no matter how gnarly it may be. She truly listens and has the life experience to understand and relate to many different situations. Given her skills in the field of teaching, as well as EFT therapy, she is a great source of support, encouragement and guidance. Thank you Jean!" 

Christchurch, NZ